The Cast

Patrick Chauchereau –Chef de Cuisine–

Nickname: Robuchon

Patrick’s career has been driven by his passions – hunting, golf and food, each supporting the other. Born in Paris into a ‘food crazy’ family, he was lucky to begin work in an era when jobs were plentiful and the great chefs actually taught their apprentices the secrets of the trade, rather than making them chop tomatoes for years on end. Patrick moved from restaurant, a few weeks here, a few months there, working under some of the 20th century’s finest chefs in Paris, France. In October 1971 he became Chef de Parti at Le Pot-au-Feu at Asnières in Paris with chef/owner extraordinaire, Michel Guẻrard. The restaurant was an instant success, gaining two Michelin stars in 1972 with a waiting list for bookings three months in advance! On one occasion, Senator Edward Kennedy turned up with his entourage and they dined in the only space available, the gent’s lavatory! Patrick closed Le Pot-au-Feu in 1975 when the area was redeveloped and for the next four years he was the chef at Cap d’ Agde, the home of the French Open, which includes 65 tennis courts! During a hunting trip to Cameroon, he bought a dilapidated restaurant in Libreville, Gabon, starting as a pizzeria and evolving into the only fine cuisine restaurant in the city. After five years, he took a year off in Florida where he spent a year playing golf! This lead to eight years in Morocco where he took stewardship of the Golf Club restaurant before starting his own French restaurant in the old town. It was sold after 911 and Patrick was invited to Bali to open Lola restaurant in Seminyak, then later, The Ramayana in Candidasa. In April 2008, Christian Vanneque asked him to join forces to open Sip Wine Bar where he remains to this day and where we all enjoy his outstanding talent.